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Unleash Your Thin Review

Have you tried Atkins and other low carb diets and loved the weight loss but hated the carb counting? If so – or if you want to lose weight enough that you’re willing to try – Unleash Your Thin may be for you.

It’s a new and easy low carb diet developed by Dr. Jonny Bowden that takes a relaxed approach to carbs while ensuring you stay within certain boundaries with simple rules about what you can eat.

Here at Free Online Diet Reviews we don’t believe in the “one diet fits all” approach. There’s no perfect diet in a pot at the end of the rainbow. There are a ton of healthy diets and any of them could work if you can stick to them. The critical point is finding a diet that you can stick to, which means one that fits your tastes and your lifestyle and is easy for you to follow.

So we’ve taken a look inside this new diet plan and can tell you more about what it includes. It seems to have worked for other people – but keep reading to see if this diet could help you lose weight.

What’s on the Menu

Unleash Your Thin is basically a low carb diet that also has similarities with the paleo or primal style of diet that is very popular right now.

Low carb diets were made famous by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1970s/80s for getting terrific weight loss. On the Atkins diet you had to count your grams of carbohydrate which meant weighing everything you ate. There’s no doubt it worked, people could lose a lot of weight, but unless you’re a real obsessive it can be a nightmare figuring out how many carbs you’ve eaten.

The paleo or primal diet focuses on eating foods that would have been available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The claim is that many modern diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes can be caused by eating the products of agriculture that our digestive systems weren’t designed for. These include grains, potatoes, dairy products and legumes (peas and beans). Some paleo diets also recommend cutting out all fruit except for berries.

Unleash Your Thin is a blend of these two approaches. There are a few “forbidden” foods and you can basically eat as much as you want of anything else. You are allowed legumes, so that makes it a little easier for vegetarians than a paleo diet. You don’t have to count carbs so it’s a LOT easier than Atkins. And as far as weight loss, it seems to work very well for the people we’ve seen who are following it.

Where This Plan Is Different

Up to now we’ve focused on similarities with other diets. But the thing that really makes this diet plan different is not the food rules but the emphasis that Bowden puts on overcoming food addictions.

Dr. Jonny BowdenA former drug addict himself, he’s developed a powerful series of quizzes that will help you identify and beat the addiction that many of us have to sugar and refined flour products. He goes into the science, but very simply this is caused by the action of insulin that leaves us with “sugar lows” and the effect of high blood glucose on endorphins in the brain.

Bowden’s message is that you CAN beat food addiction but you need to understand exactly what your triggers are and how much damage it’s doing to you. The quizzes are contained in an ebook called the Craving Crusher Action Guide which is 77 pages. That gives you an idea of how important this is to the plan.

There’s no required fitness program. Bowden says of course that taking a little more exercise will be good for our health and our waistlines but his belief is that overweight and obesity is caused by what we eat and that’s where we need to make major changes. Exercise is optional.

My results for the end of Week 2 of the eating plan:
Weight: lost 5.5 pounds this week, total 14 pounds in 2 weeks (amazing!)
R.C., in the members’ forum

If You Have Chronic Health Problems

If you have chronic health problems, you may find they improve on this diet. Of course you should talk with your doctor before starting any new diet. However, a lot of us have mild to severe allergies or intolerance to some of the foods that have been introduced into our daily diet in the last few thousand years, and cutting these out can make a big difference.

These foods include most grains (except for quinoa and wild rice which are not true grains), the nightshade family of vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, chilis), and dairy products.

Starting this diet plan will automatically mean you don’t eat most of these “allergenic” foods at first. You can easily add tomatoes etc to your no-go list for the first phase if you want to do a full elimination diet for testing.

Then Jonny Bowden’s recommendation is that you start introducing things back to see (a) what you can eat and still lose weight and (b) if there’s anything that might be causing your eczema, asthma, chronic fatigue etc. This dietary approach can be particularly helpful with autoimmune diseases.

Weight Loss Results

When you join Unleash Your Thin you get access to a forum where everybody on the diet can support each other and share their results. We’ve quoted some of those results in the grey boxes on this page. Broadly, what we found was:

  • Many members are losing a lot of weight in the first 2 weeks: up to 10 pounds in the first week is not uncommon
  • The more carbs/sugar a person was eating before, the more they’re likely to lose in this phase
  • If people have problems it’s often when they’re starting to reintroduce foods, so we think it’s better to do that more gradually than Bowden suggests – see the next section
  • Members are often surprised by the positive impact on their health and lifestyle, e.g. having more energy

[The diet] has given me so much energy and after 8 days, I’m down 9 lbs! Just a week ago I was feeling tired and depleted, but now I feel a return of hope along with all the energy. Getting excited about pulling the next size smaller down from the shelves!
M.T., in the members’ forum

Tips For Following Unleash Your Thin

  • Food Reintroduction

Bowden suggests reintroducing some of the higher carb foods rather early – after about a month. Most people haven’t lost all the weight they want to lose at this point and a lot of people will find that eating these foods now will slow down or halt their weight loss. Then you have to be very careful not to overreact by thinking you’ve ruined everything. You haven’t, you just ate too much carbohydrate too soon, and need to take a step back.

We’d recommend only reintroducing ONE food at a maximum of THREE meals the first time. So if you’re adding dairy foods, make it milk OR yogurt OR cheese, not all of them, and only three times during the week. Then if that went okay you can add another one the following week.

Some people will notice an allergic or intolerant reaction such as sinus inflammation or diarrhea and if that happens it’s worth cutting out that food again and having an allergy test.

  • Vegetarians

If you’re vegetarian you’ll find the first phase of this plan limits your food choices quite severely if you follow it to the letter. As we’ve said, you can have legumes which makes it easier to follow than Atkins or the paleo diet, but most people on the diet will be eating a lot of meat and fish.

You can have unlimited eggs so if you eat eggs and legumes you’ll have a certain amount of choice. It’s true that there are probably easier diets for a vegetarian to follow. However if you’re a food addict you might find it useful to follow the approach in the Craving Crusher Action Guide and simply tweak the diet itself to allow you to add back certain foods (like cheese) earlier than meat-eaters do.

Where To Buy Unleash Your Thin

You can only get the full program from the official website (see link at the end of this review). It isn’t sold on Amazon or anywhere else. There are the two main ebooks (Fat Burning Blueprint and Craving Crusher Action Guide) plus bonuses and you also get lifetime membership of the forum. You’ll need everything if you’re going to take this seriously and actually lose weight with it.

Thank you Jonny!!! My goal was to lose 40lbs. I started in January 2012 and today, 08/16/12, I exceeded my goal by 1/2 of a lb! I have tried repeatedly to lose weight & had little success. But thank God i found “Unleash Your Thin”.
S., in the members’ forum

Our Verdict

Based on our investigation we think that Unleash Your Thin could be the diet for you if you’d say “Yes” to any of the following:

  • You’ve tried to lose weight before but gained it back
  • You have food binges or feel like you’re addicted to some foods
  • You wish you could quit eating certain foods that trigger your cravings or binges
  • You’re often low on energy
  • You want to lose weight without having to do a lot of exercise

It’s available at a reduced price now (we paid $10 more than the current price) and we recommend you get it now while the discount lasts.