When Jared Fogle lost 235 pounds from eating Subway sandwiches, people called it the Subway Diet and started taking notice. But is it a healthy eating plan and will it work for you?

The Subway Diet was not designed by Subway or any doctor. It is a diet that Jared concocted himself. He ate a 6 inch Subway sandwich and baked chips for lunch and a 12 inch sub for dinner. He did not include any cheese or mayo on the sandwiches. Jared lost a lot of weight following this plan, then he started a walking routine, which helped him to lose even more weight.

However, when you look carefully at the foods that Jared was eating, it’s only around 1000 calories, which is actually extremely low for a diet plan, especially for someone of Jared’s original starting weight. In order to prevent your body from thinking that it’s starving (and thus screwing with your metabolism), you need to eat at least a minimum of 1200 calories, and more if you are big.

Jared lost weight because he was eating fewer calories than he used in a day and getting exercise through walking–but the choices that he was making were not really healthy.

As far as fast food goes, Subway is an excellent choice. You have the ability to choose what goes in your sandwich and many of the options are low fat. One potential problem with Subway is that sometimes people indulge in some of the unhealthy extras–chips, soda, and cookies–because they feel that they deserve it for making a smart choice on the sandwich.

Subway does not endorse Jared’s eating plan as a good idea for weight loss. And for good reason–you really should be eating a healthy breakfast, healthy snacks, and more fruits and vegetables. There’s no doubt that Subway sandwiches can fit into a healthy eating plan, but it shouldn’t be all that you’re eating.

Still, for those that lead busy lives, eating meals at Subway does make for a healthier meal than many of the fast food alternatives. Choose from their low fat options for the least calories, and skip the high calorie side orders in favor of soups, apples, and yogurt. Used as part of an overall healthy diet, using tips from Jared’s Subway diet might help you lose the weight that you want to lose.

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