Yes, it’s not only women that are looking to lose weight, and the good news is that men lose fat fast! Most men have faster metabolisms then their female counterparts, making it easier to lose weight. With a few changes to your diet, you’ll be able to get a six pack … and not just a six pack of beer.

If you’re a man looking to lose a few pounds, take the following to heart:

1. Set goals. Your weight loss goal doesn’t have to be a number on the scale. In fact, this may not work as well as it does for women because men can be bulkier with muscle, which weighs more than fat. Instead, focus on your clothes and set a goal to fit into a certain pant size.

2. Watch what you eat. While most men may not like the word “diet”, you still do have to eat healthy. Start by switching to healthy snacks throughout the day instead of junk food. This is where you probably consume the bulk of your unhealthy calories. Then, look at your meals and try to swap lean meats for fatty meats and healthy carbs, like whole grains, for unhealthy processed carbs, like white rice. You don’t have to completely give up your favorite foods, just eat them less.

3. Get moving. Cardio exercises will help you to burn fat, while weight lifting will help you get stronger and burn more calories. Both are equally important in the quest to lose weight. Start an exercise routine that includes both of these and start seeing amazing results.

4. If you go off plan, get right back in the saddle. Mistakes happen. You may find yourself succumbing to your favorite unhealthy behaviors. If this happens, note it, then get back on track. Too many people just give up after a slip up, which causes them to regain the weight that they lost.

5. Keep at it. Don’t think of this as a “diet” but as “healthy lifestyle changes”. If you want to keep the weight off for good, you cannot go back to eating junk once you’ve lost the weight that you want to lose. This is a permanent change to your lifestyle, but one that will make you feel better and have more energy.

As you lose weight, you’ll notice a number of positive changes in yourself, including increased confidence and stamina. Once you start feeling this way, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make these changes sooner. Men lose fat quickly, and once you see the effects of being a healthy weight you will want to stay there.

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