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Prepare for a shock in this Master Cleanse review! Yes … during the Master Cleanse fast (also called the Lemonade Diet), you are not allowed to eat ANY FOOD AT ALL! You drink a special lemonade mixture and herbal laxative teas along with a salt water flush. The cleanse normally lasts for 10 days and the idea is that it will cleanse you of toxins in your body.


In our day-to-day lives toxins build up in our system. The original Master Cleanser Stanley Burroughs book, claims that by not eating, you will allow your body to get rid of this waste without adding any more waste to it. The special drink consists of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. They say that all the nutrition you need is in this “lemonade” (but that would not be true for any long period).

Master Cleanse lemonade diet recipe

* 2T lemon or lime juice (about 1/2 lemon)
* 2T genuine maple syrup
* 1/10t cayenne pepper (or to taste)
* water, medium hot or cold

Mix all of the ingredients in a glass. It should be a glass and not a plastic bottle. This tastes better if it’s made as needed, not in bulk. It’s important to use fresh lemons, preferably organic.

You can drink from 6-12 glasses of the lemonade diet recipe in a day. NO FOOD SHOULD BE EATEN!

What else do you have on the Master Cleanse?

At night, the idea is that you drink a laxative tea and in the morning you drink another cup of the laxative tea, or use a salt water flush. I don’t think a doctor would recommend this!

To prepare the salt water flush, mix 2t of uniodized sea salt into a quart of warm water. Drink it quickly in the morning on an empty stomach. It will stay together and flush through your system very quickly. This tastes nasty, unless you are very fond of salt. A friend of a friend used salt capsules and drank plain water and this seemed to work just as well, without the bad taste.


When you do this, you may need to stay near a bathroom for the next couple of hours!

How To Make It Easier

To make it easier on yourself, you can get the Ultimate Master Cleanse Kit from Amazon which contains everything you will need including the organic maple syrup and laxative tea but not the lemons which, as we have said, are best bought fresh for maximum vitamin C and taste.

Assuming you have no medical conditions, you can do this for 10 days. Some people continue longer but it is not recommended, especially the first time. Some suggest doing the Master Cleanse fast a few times a year to cleanse your system of its toxins. A 10 day Master Cleanse diet 2 or 3 times a year will be better for you than one super long cleanse.

Stopping The Master Cleanse

When you are ready to come off of it, you must be very careful of what you start eating.

The first and second day, you should have nothing but orange juice. Drink it slowly. This will prepare your stomach for digestion.

The third day, drink orange juice in the morning, have raw fruit for lunch, and raw fruit or a raw salad for dinner.

You are now ready to begin eating normally.

Master Cleanse Is Not A Diet

The Master Cleanse isn’t meant to be a diet, though many people use it as such. It’s meant to be taken as a way to cleanse your body, both physically and mentally. As you go through the days, you’ll begin to realize how much time you usually spend eating, preparing and thinking about food. It seems like you have an extra 4-5 hours in the day when you don’t do that, so plan how you will use that extra time.

During the first few days, you may feel sick. You will probably feel week and have headaches. This is part of the detox process, as toxins are released into the bloodstream and processed by the liver. After three or four days, many people report feeling full of energy and life.

Does It Work?

The Master Cleanse is not a long term weight loss plan. However, it can kick start a healthy diet.

Many people do have a lot of toxins built up in their body from a lifetime of bad eating habits. If you have been thinking about changing your eating patterns and following a more healthy eating plan, then this could be just what you need to break old habits and get your body ready for a healthy lifestyle. Really, it’s up to the person.

Summary – 3 stars

Too dangerous to get more than 3 stars from me!

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