Many people who want to lose fat not muscle use whey protein to help them reach their goals. Whey protein is a product used by body builders to help them make the most of their workouts in terms of muscle gain. It will not necessarily help you lose weight on the scale but it should help your body to convert fat into muscle, especially if you combine it with an exercise program.

Whey protein comes in a powdered form and is derived from milk proteins. Users can mix the powder with water, milk, or juice, though anything other than water adds additional calories. You can also use it in baking to beef up the protein content of a food. While calorie and nutrient content varies by brand, one serving of whey protein is typically around 100 calories, with 18-20 grams of protein and little carbohydrates and fat.

Protein is essential for building muscle and if you are incorporating strength training exercises into your routine (and you should be), a protein shake can make for a good after-workout treat. It’s also good to have on hand for those times when you might find yourself hungry and thinking about an unhealthy treat. Vegetarians in particular can use whey protein in order to get extra protein into their diet. This will help them to lose fat not muscle.

However, you should note that whey protein shakes should be incorporated into a healthy diet, not used on their own. They do not have enough calories to be used for meal replacement and you should not follow a diet that suggests only drinking protein shakes. This could lead to serious health problems, and even death, because you are not getting the wide range of nutrients that you need.

You must also remember that whey protein does contain calories. If you’re not counting calories in your meals and not working out, it’s possible to gain fat while drinking whey protein instead of losing it. For example, some people may add a scoop of protein powder to a fruit smoothie. This can be a great way to add protein to your breakfast … but if you’re also adding juice, yogurt, honey, and many other things to the smoothie, your “low-calorie breakfast” turns into a 500 calorie morning mistake.

Drinking whey protein alone will not cause you to lose weight, but as part of a well-rounded nutritious diet, it’s a great way to increase your protein intake and lose fat not muscle.

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