When summer is approaching a lot of people want to lose 10 pounds in two weeks for the beach. When your swimsuit starts taunting you from the closet, it’s time to start following a beach body diet to get yourself in shape for wearing that revealing garment. Everyone wants to look their best in a bathing suit, but it seems like an impossible task. By eating the right foods, however, you’ll be able to don the suit with pride.

Once the weather starts to get nice, people everywhere start exercising in an effort to get rid of the weight that they gained over the winter. This could be a mistake. Crunches and aerobics are undoubtedly an important part of the mix, but the real key to having a beach body is through diet.

Needless to say, a beach body diet isn’t going to leave any wiggle room, allowing you to eat a few snacks here and there. If you’re serious about your plan to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, you need to get serious about your eating. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Eat a diet rich in vegetables. Veggies are low in calorie and most are high in fiber, meaning that they’ll keep you feeling full for longer. For a beach body diet, eat a diet that primarily consists of vegetables. On a typical plate, for example, the vegetables should take up at least half of the plate. Make sure you are not adding extra fat in the preparation. Those calories add up and prevent you from getting the body you want.

2. Choose high protein foods. Protein also helps you to feel full and satisfied. These don’t have to be meats. Remember that beans, tofu, and protein powder can also keep you going. You can also buy liquid egg whites to get the protein of eggs without the fat and cholesterol that is in the yolk.

3. Avoid refined foods. Foods that are refined or highly processed have a tendency to make you feel hungry more quickly. Whenever possible avoid eating these types of foods. This means anything made with refined flour, including white bread, pizzas and most pasta.

4. Avoid fats. When trying to follow a beach body diet, you should do your best to avoid foods that have a lot of fat. This means foods that are fried, most snack foods, and even overeating on foods that have healthy fats, such as nuts.

When you are very strict with the foods that you put into your mouth, you’ll see that even those last few pounds that wouldn’t budge will start coming off. It is possible for many people to lose 10 pounds in two weeks if you have the right motivation.

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