The Jenny Craig diet plan is a fairly popular progam these days, due to their television ads and famous spokespeople. From the ads, though, it could be a little hard to tell how the diet really works. Learn more about what makes Jenny Craig successful here – and if it’s the right plan for you.

The theory behind the Jenny Craig diet is simple – if you eat less, you’ll lose weight. Well, we all knew that. But most people have a hard time making meals that are delicious and low calorie, which means that dieting tends to be hard. The Jenny Craig diet takes the hard work out of it by providing pre-cooked meals.

If you sign up for the Jenny Craig program, you’ll start with a consultation with one of their counselors. This can be face to face if you have a Jenny Craig center in your city, or on the telephone if not. Based on your current weight and lifestyle, the counselor will help you to set up a plan. You pay for the food and receive your meals. Meals can be delivered. The meals are properly proportioned, focusing on lean meats and good carbohydrates. There’s no calorie counting because the calories are already counted for you.

The Jenny Craig program can work with you to meet specific food likes and dislikes. For example, if you’re vegetarian, they will offer you only vegetarian meals. If there’s a particular food that you don’t like, you can order meals that don’t include that food.

You continue on this plan, meeting or talking with your counselor once a week. As you get closer to reaching your goal weight, you’ll start to cook more of your meals at home. Through eating the Jenny Craig meals, you should have learned proper portion control and nutrition, which should make it easier for you to transition to cooking for yourself while still eating some of the prepared meals.

The Jenny Craig program works for some people because it is a low calorie diet that is easy to follow. Some people may find the cost prohibitively expensive, but others find that it’s not so different to what they were paying eating out or buying groceries, especially if you were buying lot of expensive snacks. You may also find that you become bored of the foods that they offer if you have a lot of weight to lose and have to stay on the plan a long time. In summary, if you often find that you’re too busy to prepare healthy meals and don’t mind paying for the convenience, you may want to give the Jenny Craig diet plan a try.

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