Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that one of the keys to how to lose weight easy and keep it off is to eat a relatively low calorie diet. Most people are overweight simply because they eat too much and exercise too little.

The problem, of course, is actually cutting those calories out of your daily diet. Nobody wants to give up foods that they love. Unfortunately, these foods are often the ones that are highest in calories.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can cut calories from your diet and not even miss them.

1. Soda. Alright, I’m not going to suggest that you simply replace your regular soda with diet and pretend that it’s the same thing. Even though many people have easily lost up to 10 pounds by switching from regular to diet sodas, I know darn well that it isn’t the same thing. Still, drinking several sodas per day is not doing you any favors. If you can’t swap for diet soda, eliminate just one can per day. If you’d normally drink 4 cans of soda, just drink 3. You’ll save yourself over 1000 calories per week, which can help you lose about a pound of fat per month.

2. Start with a soup or salad. When you fill up on these low calorie treats, you’ll eat less throughout the meal. Just make sure that you choose a broth-based soup and a low fat salad dressing. Otherwise, you could actually be adding hundreds of calories to your meal.

3. Buy smaller plates. We have a tendency to eat everything that’s put in front of us and when you have large dinner plates, you’ll fill it up with food and devour it all. After all, your mother always taught you to clean your plate. However, most of the time, we aren’t really hungry when we’re doing this. Purchase smaller plates to fill up and you probably won’t notice a difference in your hunger level so you will find how to lose weight easy for yourself.

4. Bring your snacks. Wherever you go, make sure that you bring your own snacks. If you get hungry at the office or out and about, you’re more likely to purchase and eat a high-calorie snack food. It’s best to pack healthy snacks, such as fruits, yogurt, or granola bars, but even if you bring your own chips or cookies, at least you’ll have it in a small, portion controlled pack. This is better than most of what you might buy.

5. Share your food. You don’t have to completely deprive yourself of high calorie foods – just share them with others. For example, if you feel like eating a candy bar, ask a coworker or family member if they want half. This also works with entrees at restaurants, which are often more than one serving. Order one entree and one appetizer when out and share them with your friend.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a huge battle. When you want to know how to lose weight easy, the best way is through small lifestyle changes like the ones listed above.

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