Wondering how to lose fat fast? Everywhere you turn there are ads for diet programs and exercise gizmos that claim that in just a few days you could have the body you have always dreamed of. Most of them have some sort of testimonial from real people saying that it worked for them. Why can’t it work for you too?

The question, of course, is do these programs work long term? Can you follow a strict diet for a few days, lose weight, and go back to your old life. That’s the dream, isn’t it?

The truth is that while you can see the scale drop quickly, it’s most likely not going to be true fat loss. You see, when you start a new diet, particularly if it’s a big change from your usual eating habits, your body tends to release a lot of the water that it’s been holding on to. In some people, this shows up as a 5-10 pound weight loss on the scale. It’s certainly motivating, but it’s not something that you are likely to keep up. It’s just a water weight loss, not a fat loss.

Then, if you decide to go back to a normal way of eating after the initial diet, you’ll gain back that water weight fairly quickly. Even worse, it’s highly likely that your body thought it was starving from your diet and it lowered its metabolism. This means that when you eat unhealthy foods again, you’ll actually gain back more than just the foods that you lost.

If you’re going to follow a diet that promises quick weight loss, be prepared to stick with it long term. Fad diets that cause a lot of quick weight loss initially can do harm to your body if you soon go back to your old ways, but if you use them as a way to jump start yourself into a healthy eating plan, the big weight loss could make you feel motivated to keep going. This is probably the best way to lose fat fast — and permanently.

You know your body and your habits best. If you think that you can stick with the healthy diet, go for it. However, most people find success by making smaller changes to their diet over time. Do what’s best for you and you’ll soon see results. That’s how to lose fat fast.

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