It can be difficult to figure out how to lose body fat, especially what you should eat. After all, you can find a number of diets that all say conflicting things. Should you eat low carb or low fat? Should you drink only lemonade and not eat any food?

If you want to lose body fat, it’s really quite simple. You will have to eat fewer calories than you burn. So you can start by tracking the foods that you currently eat to see how many calories it amounts to. In order to lose weight, you’ll have to eat less than that. Any diet plan that you choose to follow should help you eat fewer calories.

However, if you want to accelerate your weight loss, you should try “eating clean”. This means eating primarily whole foods – fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Avoid junk foods, as they contain many refined products and are just generally unhealthy. Eating clean is actually one of the best things that you can do when you have just a few pounds left to lose. Many people find that they have trouble losing those last 10 or 20 pounds. Eating clean can be the answer to how to lose body fat.

Most importantly, whether you are eating clean or just trying to eat healthier, you have to stick with these food choices long term. You shouldn’t just be thinking of it as going on a diet to lose weight. If you do this and then go back to your old eating habits, you are likely to regain all the weight that you lost. Instead, you need to incorporate these new eating habits into your life. You need to make smart food choices all the time, not just when you are on a diet. This is the way to permanent weight loss.

Losing body fat can be a long process, but don’t get discouraged. How to lose body fat is not so hard when you focus on the good things that you are doing for your body.

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