Keeping to a healthy diet can seem like a daunting task to many of us. Most people find it easy to eat healthy for a while but then it’s like something flips inside and we go out of control. We have often been too caught up in the cycle of dieting, heavily restricting food one week and eating with abandon the next. This is not healthy for your body and it’s better to eat healthy foods all the time, allowing for the occasional treat.

The first step to maintaining a healthy diet is to get out of the diet mindframe. When you think of the word “diet”, you probably think about restricting the foods that you eat. We want to get rid of that notion. Instead of calling it a healthy diet, call it a healthy way of eating or a healthy lifestyle. This simple change in terminology will make you see it in a whole new light.

You also need to realize that eating healthy is a lifelong process. It’s not something that you do on occasion. Occasionally, you are going to overindulge. Maybe it’s a night out with friends or a family member’s birthday party. Whatever the occasion, you’ll eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods. This is OK (as long as it’s only occasionally). The mistake that people make when dieting is continuing down this path of unhealthy eating. When this happens to you, try to make sure that your next meal is a healthy one. This will help you to get right back on track

One of the biggest keys to maintaining a healthy diet is to simply stop buying the foods that are unhealthy. If your fridge is stocked with fresh produce and your cupboards hold whole grains, those are the foods that you will eat when you get hungry. If your kitchen is full of snacks and processed foods, however, you’ll be more likely to turn to those foods due to convenience or cravings.

Finally, recognize that it takes time to maintain a healthy diet. When you first start out, you may find that there are several times that you eat something unhealthy. As time goes on, however, you’ll see that it becomes easier and easier to reach for the healthy treats rather than the unhealthy ones. Remind yourself of all of the benefits of a healthy diet – not just for your weight, but for your skin, resistance to disease and sense of well being.

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