You can get a copy of Atkins diet by clicking on the picture. The Atkins diet is a popular choice because it allows you to eat many of your favorite foods. However, many people misunderstand what the diet is truly about and focus on only the first two weeks which are much more restrictive. The Atkins diet is meant to be a lifestyle change, and in the later phases you have a lot of choice.

On the Atkins diet, instead of counting calories, you count carbohydrates, or “carbs”. The theory is that your body uses carbohydrates as energy before it uses any of the fat in your body. If you restrict the amount of carbohydrates that you eat, even if you are eating fat, your body quickly turns to its fat for energy, resulting in a quick weight loss.

The diet actually goes in four phases (including a maintenance phase for when you’ve lose all your weight). The first phase severely restricts the amount of carbs that you can eat in a day. You can eat up to 20 grams of carbohydrates. This includes the carbohydrates that you can find in many healthy foods, such as vegetables, so for these two weeks, you are very limited in what you can eat. This phase would be very hard if you are vegetarian and almost impossible for vegans who would not even eat eggs and cheese. But for most people it could be quite enjoyable to do something so different from most other diets. One effect of restricting the carbs to this extent is appetite suppression, which makes it much easier to stick to this diet.

After you make it through the restrictive phase, you can start introducing some carbs back into your life, but you should restrict them to the healthy varieties, such as vegetables or fruits. However, you are only able to add 5 grams per week, which isn’t very much. Each week, you can eat the additional 5 grams of carbs until you reach a level where you stop losing weight. You should follow this stage until you are just a few pounds above your goal weight.

The third phase of the Atkins diet is the pre-maintenance phase. At this point, you can increase your daily carb amount by 10 grams per day. Alternatively, you can keep eating the same amount of carbs and have a 20-30 carb treat twice a week. At this stage, you want to try to figure out your set point. How many carbs can you eat without gaining weight?

Once you’ve lost all the weight that you needed to lose, you move to the maintenance phase, which is basically eating the level of carbs that you found you can eat without gaining weight. If you do gain some weight, you can easily drop to a lower carb phase of the diet.

When most people think about the Atkins diet, they are thinking about the first phase only. The whole diet is not nearly so restrictive and ultimately turns into a very healthy way of eating. The key is to adopt the program as a lifestyle, not just a diet. So get a copy of Atkins diet today and understand the whole thing before you start.

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