You may have heard recently about the alkaline diet in your search for free online diet plans and are wondering what it’s all about and whether or not this is the right one for you. The alkaline diet is based on the premise that your body will function at its best when it has slightly alkaline conditions, as opposed to acidic conditions. Those that follow the diet report not only weight loss, but improved health as well. But what exactly does this mean? And what does it entail?

While some foods are neutral, most foods are either alkaline or acidic. Eating too many acidic foods can cause acidosis, which can cause weakness, headaches, sleepiness, and coughing. Severe cases could cause loss of consciousness or seizures. While it’s also bad for the body to be too alkaline, many believe that it’s best to keep your body slightly more alkaline.

To do this, you have to focus your diet on alkaline foods. In general, this means that you should eat primarily fruits and vegetables. Other “allowed” foods include nuts, sprouts, and some fats, such as coconut and olive oil. Try to avoid eating foods that are acidic, such as meats, dairy products, sweets, and other junk foods.

Of course, it’s neither possible nor healthy to eat only alkaline foods. You will find that you eat some acidic foods too. Some people that follow the diet aim to eat between 70-90% alkaline foods, which they find is a good balance.

Following the alkaline diet requires serious commitment on your part. It’s hard to stick to it when you go out to eat or when you are with friends and family members that do not follow the diet. You may even face some criticism from people that don’t understand.

If you decide that you’re going to follow the alkaline diet, you may want to start by taking things slowly. Simply start incorporating more alkaline foods into your daily meals, replacing foods that are acidic. As time goes on, you can gradually increase the amount of alkaline foods that you eat until you reach the level that you desire.

The alkaline diet is a healthy diet that focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you are looking for free online diet plans and the idea of the alkaline diet appeals to you, you could give it a try.


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