There are two main types of cardiovascular fat burning exercise that you can do — interval training and steady state exercise. Which of the two will help you to lose more fat?

Steady state aerobic exercise has you working at a steady pace throughout the exercise. This is the typical type of exercise that you’ll do if you walk, jog, ride a bike, swim, or take an aerobics class. The object is to get into the “fat burning zone”, which is a heart rate that is supposedly conducive to burning fat. It should be slow enough that you can easily do it for an hour and you could have a conversation while doing so. Millions of people have lost weight doing steady state exercise.

Interval training, on the other hand, revolves around doing bursts of very high intensity activity, followed by a recover period. For example, to do interval training, you’d do an all-out sprint for about 30 seconds, then walk or slow down to a jog for 2 minutes, repeating this for a total of 20 minutes. Tests have shown that this can increase the calorie burning process for up to 24 hours after you do the workout. Interval training is one of the newest trends in fitness.

While both methods can help you to burn fat, the program that works best for you will be primarily based on your personality and how you like to exercise.

Interval training works well for people that have limited time for their fat burning exercise. Because of the intensity, you shouldn’t perform it more than 3 times per week. To make the most of your workout, though, the high-intensity activity, must be really high. It should be physically uncomfortable towards the end. You may even feel that you might throw up.

Many people do not like working out at this type of intensity level. For those people, steady state exercise may be the way to go. Still, if you choose steady state exercise for fat loss, you’ll have to work. You cannot simply walk along on a leisurely stroll and expect to lose weight. You should be working out at about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The important part of choosing an exercise program is finding one that fits in with your lifestyle. Look at your likes and dislikes when it comes to exercise and make sure to choose something that you like. This will help to ensure that you stick with your fat burning exercise plan.

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