Is your child overweight? Looking for fast weight loss for kids ideas? If your child is moving from the “pleasantly plump” phase to the “just plain fat” stage, it’s time for you to step in and start making a weight loss plan. However, weight loss for kids is a sensitive topic. You need to go about things the right way if you want to have a positive effect. Follow this basic advice:

1. Don’t mention that your child is going on a diet. Your child is probably teased at school for being fat. He doesn’t need to know that his parents think he is too fat as well. He needs to know that his parents love and respect him no matter what his size.

2. Start by cooking healthy meals and eating together as a family. The easiest way to start a diet for your child is to start with the main meals. Plan meals that are healthy, full of vegetables and low in fat. Cook foods that your child will be able to eat a second helping of without adding too many extra calories. If you’re planning a meal that is higher in calories, make sure that you only cook enough for each family member to have one serving of the high calorie food. Anyone that is still hungry can have extra helpings of vegetables.

3. Treat all children the same. This is especially true if you have one child that needs to lose weight and another that doesn’t. Don’t serve one child fruit and the other child cake. Don’t serve one child cut vegetables while the other munches on chips. Give both children the same healthy foods.

4. Pack healthy school lunches. If you send your child to school with money to buy lunch, you don’t have control over what she is eating. She may buy just an ice cream or french fries. Make lunches at home that are delicious and nutritious.

5. Start exercising as a family. Your child will know what’s up if you make him exercise alone. Instead, get everyone moving and exercising together. You can easily take an after-dinner walk or purchase a Wii to play with the family in the evening.

In general, focus on being healthy for the whole family. This will make your child feel supported, which is an essential element to losing weight the healthy way. As a bonus, everyone in your family will see improved health, not just the child that needs to lose weight. Focusing on improving everybody’s health is the secret to fast weight loss for kids.

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