Exercise bands, or resistance bands, are long pieces of elastic tubing, some with handles and some in a circular shape. They provide resistance when doing common exercises and they can be an excellent addition to your home workout.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should purchase exercise bands, take a look at the following reasons to use them:

1. They’re cheap. You can purchase resistance bands for less than $20. Look for brands that have handles and a piece of fabric covering a part of the band to protect your feet when using the band.

2. They’re small. Exercise bands are compact and won’t take up much space in your home. Compared with a large weightlifting machine, or even just a weightlifting bench, resistance bands are the obvious choice.

3. They’re portable. You’ll have no more excuses for not doing your exercise routine on vacation. Pack your resistance bands for an on-the-go workout.

4. They’re effective. Some claim that because they work your muscles both on the way up and the way down, exercise bands can be even more effective than traditional weights.

5. They’re flexible. You can use exercise bands in almost any direction, which means that they are more versatile than a lot of weight machines.

6. They’re good for all fitness levels. You can purchase bands at a number of strengths. Heavier bands offer more resistance and lighter bands are for people that are new to working out.

7. They’re user-friendly. A lot of people can be intimidated by the weight machines or free weights at the gym. You may think that weight lifting is just for big muscle dudes. Resistance bands are a great way to ease you into a strength training workout.

Resistance bands are one of the best ways to incorporate weight lifting into a home workout routine. When you combine resistance training using exercise bands, with a cardio workout, you’ll begin to see drastic changes to your body.

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