The raw food diet is fast becoming a popular movement. But what exactly is it? Is it a realistic way to eat in today’s world? And will you lose weight when on a raw food diet? Read on to learn more.

The raw food diet is just like it sounds–eating raw foods for health and weight loss. Those that follow the diet aim to get their diet between 70-100 percent raw foods. This is a lot harder than it sounds. Of course, fruits and vegetables are all raw, but think of how many other foods aren’t. If you follow the raw food diet, you won’t be able to eat breads, pasta, or meats. You also are probably used to cooking some of your favorite vegetables, like corn, peas, and potatoes. If you follow the raw diet, you won’t be able to eat these any more.

However, all is not lost. The raw food diet is INCREDIBLY healthy. All of the foods that you eat have a high nutrient density, which means that they have a lot of nutrition packed into each calorie (unlike something like cake, which would have a lot of calories, but little in the way of nutrition). This, of course, promotes excellent health. As you learn more about the diet, you’ll also find that there are ways to get around the limitations. You can use raw nut butter instead of the traditional nut butters. You can also even make certain crackers and other “bread like” foods as substitutes.

The raw food diet works in every way according to reports. You will lose weight following it, but you’ll also notice several other benefits as well. You’ll have more energy. Your skin and hair will look better. You’ll just feel better.

It’s true that it’s very limiting at first, especially if you’re used to eating a standard American diet. Many find that it’s a good idea to ease yourself into it, starting with just eating some of your meals raw and working your way up. Once you start the raw food diet, you’ll notice such a difference in the way that you feel that you’ll want to try to eat more and more raw foods.


To find out more about losing weight with the raw food diet, read the amazing story of Angela Stokes in
‘How To Go Raw For Weight Loss’ (click on the link).

Scroll down, it’s the third book on the list, and that’s the one we particularly recommend for raw food diet weight loss tips.



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