If you’re looking for the American Heart Association 3 Day Diet, you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist. The 3 Day Diet is a popular crash diet that allows you to quickly lose some weight (mostly water weight, not fat), but is not authorized by the American Heart Association. In fact, it has no connection with them.

The 3 Day Diet focuses on a strict meal plan for three days. Some renditions of the diet suggest that the particular food choices create a special thermogenic effect that causes you to lose weight. In fact, it’s simply a low calorie diet and you could, in theory, substitute any foods of equal calories. Here is a sample day of the 3 Day Diet:

Breakfast: Black coffee, half grapefruit, 1 slice of toast with 1T peanut butter
Lunch: ½ cup tuna, 1 slice of toast, black coffee
Dinner: 3 oz lean meat, 1 cup green beans, 1 cup carrots, 1 cup vanilla ice cream, 1 medium apple, black coffee

As you can see, it’s just a very low calorie diet. If you follow this plan, you are likely to be hungry and miserable the whole time. The coffee will act as a diuretic, causing you to urinate more frequently. Overall, you’ll lose weight, but it will be only water weight and you’re likely to gain it all back once you go off the diet.

For some reason, this crash diet has been associated with the American Heart Association. This is simply not the case. Following the 3 Day Diet is not particularly healthy. It doesn’t teach you good habits for eating and it doesn’t include an exercise portion.

You’ll be much better off if you eat enough foods to maintain your energy level. Sure, it’s more calories, but consistently eating too few calories will ruin your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight. Focus on eating healthy foods that are filling and nutritious. When you eat in this manner, you’ll find that you are able to lose weight without giving it too much thought. Remember, there is no American Heart Association 3 day diet!

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